The International Festival of Carthage 55th session Nour Mhanna

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session
Nour Mhanna
Roman Theater of Carthage
Wednesday, August 07. 2019

As part of the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage, the genius of the Syrian song who knew how to keep his heart young as a child Nour Mhanna, presented on Wednesday, August 07, 2019 on the prestigious scene of the Roman Theater of Carthage, a show of a rare beauty that transported the audience of Carthage to the kingdom of the oriental music with its rich and diversified heritage.

Nour, is a great singer loved and followed by a savvy audience, a singer who knew, despite the strong temptation of the modern technologies of communication with their social networks, to remain simple and to stay faithful to himself and close to his exceptional fans, who love him for his unique style and for his exceptional music and the joy he spreads wherever goes.

Nour Mhanna was like a king on the mythical stage of this majestic theater, in front of a crowd bewitched by his charisma. With his legendary smile, he made the pleasure of his admirers who spent hours waiting for him, without showing any sign of fatigue.
In a black suit and a white shirt that gave him a unique elegance, a look that he maintains as a respect for his audience and for the mythical scene of Carthage, Nour Mhanna began his show with a moving speech he addressed to our late president while inviting his fans to observe a minute’s silence in his memory. 

Nour Mhanna fascinated his lovers by the interpretation of his famous titles including “Rak Ezzamen”, “Kol Chai Fiki Yoghri”, “Laalla Wa Aasa” In addition to a selection of the best Arab songs like “Wahachteni”, “Ibaathli Jaweb” ,” ya chadi al alahan”, “Taala nkhalli el Holm Hakika” with the famous “Hob Ih” of the great singer Om Kalthoum. 


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