“Cinderella” Sunday August 05. 2018

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session
Sunday August 05. 2018
The Roman Theater of Carthage

It was an exceptional evening for an exceptional audience. The stands of the Roman theater of Carthage were marvelously crowded on Thursday August 08, 2019 by kids coming from everywhere to live the fantastic story of Cinderella who crossed the time without fading. Everything was managed that night to make this particular audience feel comfortable and get as much pleasure as possible; music, lights and a very beautiful decor. And as a surprise, the show was presented by 3 kids, in Arabic, French and English.

At exactly 21:15, the characters of this exceptional work went on the glorious scene of the Roman Theater of Carthage to perform one of the best fairytales in the world, namely Cinderella that Walt Disney transformed into a magical legend that was interpreted in all the languages around the world.

The young audience present that night was very curious to know about this new version of Cinderella through which the actors and producers sent clear messages about justice, equality, liberty and dignity. In a fabulous blue dress, Cinderella amazed the kids with her gestures and words and shined on the scene like a star with her beauty and angelic voice.
The show continued and delighted the kids who were following the events of the story and its extraordinary characters with their make-up that accentuated the colors to further fascinate them.

An exceptional evening that took the young audience inti a magical journey through suspense, emotions and fear to better live the story of Cinderella as it was imagined by its creator.

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