Just Abdelli 100 % Tabou by Lotfi Abdelli Friday August 16. 2019

The International Festival of Carthage
55th session
Just Abdelli 100 % Tabou by Lotfi Abdelli
Friday August 16. 2019
The Roman Theater of Carthage

As part of its 55th session, the International Festival of Carthage presented on Friday August 16. 2019 an exceptional show entitled Just Abdelli 100% tabou by the Tunisian comedian and humorist Lotfi Abdelli who once again succeeded to captivate the minds of his fans and to make them laugh loudly.

With his unique style, Lotfi Abdelli knew how to distinguish himself among the Arab comedian with his very sharp texts. Since years, Lotfi showed that he was one of the rare Arab comedians able to freely communicate with Tunisians and even with foreign spectators without losing the control. His new show Just Abdelli 100% tabou is the culmination of a long research that Lotfi made about the smallest details of the Tunisian society and through which he evoked the various issues and problems that Tunisians are facing.
Since the first moments of the show, Lotfi surprised his fans by a long discourse in which he welcomed them in his way, while praising the presence of some of his friends and some politicians. He also paid tribute to late Beji Caied Essebsi, former president of Tunisia who recently passed away and with whom Lotfi had a very special relation. Lotfi also did not forget to pay tribute to Nejib Ayed the Tunisian producer and director of the JCC who passed away the same day of the show. He showed his great gratitude to this man who gave so much to the Tunisian cinema and television. Then Lotfi took the audience of Carthage into a journey full of laughter and joy with a lot criticism
and irony. The show was a collection of daily situations that all Tunisians live, thats what made it very close to them.
During the press conference held at the backstage of the Roman Theater of Carthage, Lotfi said: « My secret for success, is the work of a whole team behind me, with a lot of exercise with also a long experience that started since 25 years when I was a dancer. It is also important to say that the advices that I received from my mates and teachers helped me a lot.. He added: « In all my works, I always try to touch the human side of people before searching for making them laugh, this was the principle that Chaplin followed in his career.