Nassif Zeytoun Sunday August 18. 2019

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session

Nassif Zeytoun

Sunday August 18. 2019

The Roman Theater of Carthage

The Roman Theater of Carthage got stormed as never before during the show of the Syrian Star Nassif Zeytoun on Sunday August 18. 2019 by a young audience that filled the atmosphere with great energy. This young monster of the new Arab song took his fans in a very beautiful journey full of rhythms and emotions.

At exactly 18h00, the Roman Theater of Carthage was already crowded with fans and lovers four hours before the show. Holding slogans of admiration for Nassif, the young lovers of the Syrian star were so excited to start the show. Thousands of fans were holding posters on which their idol name was written. That night Carthage was connected to the universal culture, the culture of youth which draws its references in the modern world, renewed at a dizzying speed using the highest technology tools: sound, lighting, pictures and other accessories.

In a black shirt suit, and with his rare energy, Nassif interpreted his most known songs one after the other, with his captivating and fascinating voice mainly: « Mesh am Tezbat maii », « Baddi Iyek », « Nami Assadri », « Takki », « Ma Wadaatak », « Ma Bdhon », « Kkhalas Estihi », « Kolou Kedhb» and other hits that the Syrian singer offered to his fans and lovers with his musicians and choir.


Nassif Zeytoun is becoming a real phenomenon in the Arab world, wherever he sings he makes his fans bewitched and extremely happy and moved. His show for the 55th session of the International of Carthage was a great success that will be engraved in the annals of this prestigious Festival.

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