The International Festival of Carthage 55th session Saber Rebai

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session
Saber Rebai
Thursday, August 22. 2019
The Roman Theater of Carthage

Since he was first discovered by the Tunisian audience in the early 90’s the popularity of the « Prince of the Arabic song » Saber Rebai did not fade. Wherever he performs around the world, Saber is always offering with great art, his most beautiful songs to his fans. That was exactly what happened on Thursday, August 22, 2019 on the glorious scene of the Roman Theater of Carthage. 

At 17h00, the fans of this elegant Star were already there in front of the entrances of the Roman Theater of Carthage which opened its doors exceptionally at 19h00 to unleash the incredible flood of people that defied heat and the hot sun of a particularly hot day. But for the lovers of Saber Rebai, nothing was impossible, as long as the pleasure and desire to see him are satisfied. Saber proved once again his great ability to satisfy the most demanding audience.
The artist was like a king on the mythical scene of this majestic theater, in front of a crowd bewitched by his charisma. With his legendary voice, Saber made the pleasure of his admirers who spent hours waiting for him, without showing any sign of fatigue.
In a harmonious atmosphere, Saber Rebai was guided by his audience who claimed the most famous titles of the Prince. He was generous as usual and offered to his fans his most beautiful and famous songs but also a selection of new tubes that have strengthened his reputation already acquired mainly; « Tmannit « , “Ya Lella”, “Daloula”, “Ezzet Nafsi”, “Ajmal Nisa Eddonia”, “Achiri El Ghali”,
During his concert, Saber also honored the Tunisian song through a selection of the most beautiful songs of Hedi Jouini, namely: “Hobbi Yetjaded yetbadel”, “Lyoum Galetli zin ezin” and “ Awel Nadhra” with the best songs of Ali Riahi: “Tekouit w ma golt ahit” and “Bit Echaar”. 

Saber ended this amazing show with a cocktail of traditional songs that amazed the audience of Carthage, namely “Sidi Ali Azouz” and “Bnayet Jammel”.
It was an exceptional spectacle of a great Festival that has kept over the years its great reputation as an international manifestation open to all artistic experiences.


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