Press conference of the Algerian Star Soolking

The International Festival of Carthage

55th Session

Press conference of the Algerian Star Soolking

Sunday July 21. 2019

The Theater of Young Creators

The City of Culture


“For me, the International Festival of Carthage represents a legendary event where the greatest Stars of the world performed. I am really proud to sing on the scene of the Roman Theater of Carthage as part of such a great Festival.” It was in these terms that the Algerian Star Soolking started the press conference held on Sunday July 21. 2019 at the Theater of Young Creators of the City of Culture, just few hours before the great show he will perform on the Roman Theater of Carthage.

During the press conference, attended by a great number of journalists, Soolking was very happy and proudly asked the totality of the questions he was asked, including those about the victory of Algeria in the CAN 2019.

“I feel very happy to be present here in Tunisia, I really feel like I am In Algeria my native country which I really miss so much. I am eager to meet the Tunisian audience for the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage whom I love so much.” Said Soolking before talking about his long and hard career with music saying that he did several jobs before devoting himself to music

Soolking added: “I was born in a modest family, my father was member in a musical band. I made a very particular path with music with some little jobs. This part of my life allowed me to build my self and I think that I am very lucky to reach what I am enjoying now.”

Dancer, drummer then singer, Soolking is one of the rare artists that knew how to stay faithful to his unique style while answering what his fans called for with great sincerity and love.

“Music should be made with love and sincerity, there is no magic way to succeed in making a good song, you just need to be sincere. “Said the young singer while taking his song “La Liberté” as an example which became one of the symbols of freedom and rebellion in Algeria and in many countries. “Any artist in this world should be very close to his fans and should be very attentive to what they feel and what they demand, which was the case with “La Liberté” I wrote for Algeria which I really miss.”

When talking about his style of music, Soolking said that the various styles of music he listened to since he was a child had a very great impact on his musical orientation. “I am a great fan for Khaled, Mami and many other Algerian and foreign artists.” He said while recalling that his songs are a misture of the various musical styles and that’s the secret of his success.

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