« Paroles… Saied Darouich et autres » by Oussama Farhat Tuesday August 20. 2019

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session

Tuesday August 20. 2019

« Paroles… Saied Darouich et autres » by Oussama Farhat

22 :00

The Roman Theater of Carthage


It was an exceptional show that the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage presented on Tuesday August 20. 2019 with the artist Oussama Farhat and a group of artists very known for their commitment to the engaged music, namely Lobna Noaman and Hess, Mahdi Chakroun, Imen Mouhamed Noureddine Kallel, Jemal Guella, Yasser Jradi, Nebras Chamem and the band Al Bahth Al Mousiki.

The show was entitled “Paroles … Saied Darouich et autres” which made it clear to the audience present that it was about the glorious period of 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s where the poets and singers were playing important role in the Arab societies and especially Tunisia. The show was also an occasion to honor the free land on which we live today.

Through the voices of the artists that took parts in this show, many artist and poets were honored, namely Saied DArouich, Cheikh Imem, Zakaria Ahmed, Sghaied Ouled Ahmed, Ahmed Foued Najm, Hamadi Lajimi, Hamadi Boulares and others.

The evening started with the artist Imen Mouhamed who performed the song “Inti Chark wel Gharb” of the Tunisian singer Latifa Arfoui in tribute to Tunisia, then Noureddine Kallel offered to the audience of Carthage the song of Saied Darouich namely Ahou Da Elii Sar of late Saied Darouich. Time was then to the Artist Oussema Farhat to go on the prestigious scene of Carthage to sing the best songs of Saied Darouich and other singers, while offering to the audience a new song entitled “Raeis Al Jomhouria” that he wrote and composed by himself.

Yasser Jradi was also present for this great show with a selection of his very famous songs namely, “Dima Dima”, “Nasmaa fih Yghani” and “Chbik Nsitini”. He also presented another song of the great Cuban composer Carlos Puebla entitled “Todos Unidos”. Yasser Jradi paved the way then to Lobna Noaman and her troupe Hess followed by Jamel Guella who all performed a selection of the best songs of the militant arab poets.

The band “Al Bahth Al Moussiki” of Nebras Chamem were present ot end the show with their very known songs that marked the generations of the 80s and 90s in Tunisia. A very special show that the audience of Carthage enjoyed and will never forget.

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