The super star Ragheb Alama Saturday August 03, 2019

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session
The super star Ragheb Alama
Saturday August 03, 2019
The Roman Theater of Carthage

The Roman Theater of Carthage was over crowded on Saturday, August 03, 2019 on the occasion of the spectacle of the Lebanese superstar Ragheb Alama as part of the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage. Fans of this great artist have been waiting for him standing in very long queues along hundreds of meters during hours since the afternoon under the hot sun of Carthage.
The Roman Theater of Carthage opened its doors since 19:00 for this great concert already sold-out since more than 5 days.The fans of Ragheb came from all the regions of Tunisia, namely from Tunis Djarba, Nefta, Tozeur, Nabeul …  just to be with their big idol and Superstar to enjoy the best of his songs.
At exactly 22:00, the superstar Ragheb Alama, with his habitual punctuality and respect for his audience, went on the scene of the Roman Theater of Carthage in an extreme simplicity. Professional and very elegant as usual, Ragheb Alama started the show by a tribute to Tunisia, to his people to the late President in an atmosphere of great respect while expressing his great happiness to perform on the mythical scene of Carthage.
In front of thousands of fans present in the stands of the Roman Theater, Ragheb Alama offerred to his lovers the best of his hits. The superstar made the joy of his audience with popular titles such as « Inta Boadak Nara », « Elli Baana », « Nassini Eddonya », « Habib Albi ya Ghali », « Ana Esmi Habibak », « Assef Habibti « , » Ya Rait « , » Moch Bel Kalam « , » Albi Aachekha « in a remarkably marvelous harmony with the audience.
After two hours of endless songs accompanied by a very professional orchestra with several Tunisian instrumentalists, Ragueb Alama couldn’t leave the scene of Carthage, he knew that his fans did not want the show to stop, but good things come always to an end.
After the show Ragheb Alama met the accredited journalists at the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage, in a press conference held in the backstage of the Roman theater of Carthage. With his legendary smile, Ragheb Alama replied all the questions with a great generosity and modesty.

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