Press conference of the great singer Adnan Chaouachi

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session

Press conference of the great singer Adnan Chaouachi

Monday July 22. 2019

The Media Center of the Roman Theater of Carthage


Elegant and humble as usual, the great singer Adnane Chaouachi met the media during the press conference held on Monday July 22, 2019 at the media center of the Roman Theater of Carthage.

It is with maestro Abderrahmane Ayadi and the best Tunisian musicians that Adnane Chaouachi will meet his audience on the stage of the prestigious International Festival of Carthage. A long absence that lasted for more than twenty years made this return very awaited and very important.

« I think that the Festival of Carthage misses me as much as I miss it, » said Adnan with emotion. He added: “For this exceptional spectacle I have to make a great effort in the choice of the songs to be played with maestro Abderrahmane Ayadi to make the best program for the audience that will be present on Wednesday evening.” 

“This concert is an invitation to all generations and even if most of my songs are very old, we managed them to fit a modern style to be closer to the young generation » added the artist.

The spectacle of Adnan Chaouachi will be performed the night before the Feast of the Republic (July 25) « on this occasion we thought to offer to the audience a patriotic song that will be performed by Rihab Seghaier, a singer and musician with a very beautiful voice. She will also sing another song written and composed by late Ridha Kalai that we will sing in duet ».

For his show also Adnane Chaouachi will offer to his audience a great surprises including a song that will be performed with a dance by the National Troupe of Popular Arts with also the famous « Ahkili aliha ya baba » which will be performed by 40 children of the Al Bouhaira choir.