Ziara by Sami Lajmi Monday August 12.2019

The International Festival of Carthage 55th session

Ziara by Sami Lajmi

Monday August 12.2019

The Roman Theater of Carthage


With more than 100 musician and singer on the scene, Sami Lajmi offered one of the best shows of Ziara to the audience of the International Festival of Carthage as part of the 55th session of this prestigious Festival on Monday August 12. 2019.

Ziara is back to the mythical scene of Carthage with more colors, images and a new fusion of rhythms and melodies. Sami Lajmi offered to the audience of Carthage the best of the traditional and ritual songs of the Tunisian heritage from the north to the south of the country.

Ziara was the culmination of a very hard work made by this young artist to create one of the best events on the Tunisian artistic scene. Melodies and rhythms merged with the dances to give to the audience a magnificent flow of happiness and joy that lasted for more than two hours. Bodies were moving on the rhymes of Bendirs and spiritual songs till the extend of trance.

A really amazing show that conquered the minds of all those present on the stands of the Roman Theater of Carthage making them remember this exceptional evening for the rest of their lives. Sami Lajmi knew how to present his show and especially how to conduct the big number of soloists and vocalists that Ziara gathered to create one of the best spiritual works ever.

During the press conference held after the show at the backstage of the Roman Theater, Sami Lajmi said that since it was created in 2013, Ziara has never stopped from being in progress to get better every year with a very hard and continuous team work. New texts, new poems, new supplications and even new styles of music were all subjects of researches to improve Ziara.

An exceptional show for an exceptional Festival !