Press conference for Ghalia Benali Saturday August 03. 2019

The International Carthage Festival

55th edition
Press conference for Ghalia Benali
Saturday August 03. 2019
Media center – Roman Theater of Carthage

The International Festival of Carthage held on Saturday August 03. 2019 a press conference for the artist Ghalia Ben Ali at the Media Center of the Roman Theater of Carthage during which she presented her concert scheduled for August 15. 2019 as part of the 55th session of the Festival. Ghalia Ben Ali said during the press conference that she has spent months doing very deep researches to prepare her latest work « Hadhret Ichk ».
Scheduled for July 27 and later postponed for August 15, Ghalia said that the whole initial project has completely changed since she is now facing some problems with the musicians with whom she already started the preparations, as they are no longer available for the new date of the show. Ghalia also said that thanks to the great efforts made by her team she was finally able to gather a new group of the best elements present on the artistic scene to perform her show “Hadhret Ichk” with a band formed by the best Tunisian and foreign musicians.
After Canada, New York, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, France and Belgium, Ghalia said that her show in Tunisia will be a real delight for the audience of Carthage opening with her music and voice new paths for music lovers to discover with her on the occasion.
Ghalia added that some of the musicians who will be with her on stage, are very famous, like the brothers Gharbi, Naim Abdallah, Nasser Salama … and many others that she met during her previous concerts.
« I’ve always faced challenges during my whole career and I consider the postponement of my concert for the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage a new challenge to meet, and a new adventure that has just started. The audience who will be present for the concert will be able to connect with me and will for sure transmit to me their love  that I will transform into a big energy to give them very special moments to remember the rest of their lives.”

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