Olfa Ben Romdhane & Marouana Khouri Tuesday August 13. 2019

The International Festival of Carthage

55th session

Olfa Ben Romdhane & Marouana Khouri

Tuesday August 13. 2019

The Roman Theater of Carthage



It was one of the best shows of the 55th session of the International Festival of Carthage that was performed on Tuesday August 13. 2019 by the brilliant artists Olfa Ben Romdhane from Tunisia, and Marouane Khouri from Lebanon. The show was an exceptional one since both artists are close friends since years and already shared an amazing artistic experience.

The beginning was with Olfa Ben Romdhane for the first part of the show that she started with her song “Khalina Nkoun Ashab”, one of her best songs that was composed by Marouan Khouri. Olfa then sang a selection of her most known songs in addition to a number of oriental and very famous songs of various artists. Olfa was surprised to see a big number of Tunisian singer and artists coming to assist to her show, among them was the Star Hedi Habbouba who went on the stage of the Roman Theater to sing their famous song “Aand Ghzeli”.

Olfa also paid tribute and honored some great Tunisian artists, namely: Naama and Soulef in addition to the great singers Mayeda Hennaoui and Naima Samih.

A show full of energy and emotion through which Olfa spread a lot of joy and happiness over the stands of the Roman Theater.

The second part was dedicated to the guest of Carthage, the great singer and composer Marouan Khouri who went on the prestigious scene of the Roman Theater to perform one of the best shows ever. The audience was bewitched by the voice of Marouane who succeeded in captivating their minds till a very late hour. Marouan offered the best of his repertoire for the Tunisian woman on the occasion of the National Woman Day.

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